The project

Build and equip a health center in the village of Tangafla, C ôte d'Ivoire
Why ?

Household incomes are unpredictable putting the people in a precarious financial situation since they depend mostly on agricultural activities. However, in this rural region farming is difficult because the fields are regularly destroyed by roaming domestic animals (cattle, sheep etc), and because the rains are variable from one year to the next with a total lack of water during the dry season. There are two government clinics, in Séguétiélé and in Kombolokoro, but they are minimally equipped and run by a government nurse without supervision of a doctor. Neither has a laboratory. Many patients are obliged to travel to Korhogo or to the Baptist Clinic in Torogokaha (42 km) by motorcycle or mini-bus in order to receive the care they need. Childbirth takes place at home without proper supervision.

  • rapid attention in case of emergency, assisted deliveries by qualified personnel, and assured care for chronic conditions as well as the availability of health teaching to promote good health.

  • to save time and money on transportation.

  • an improvement in the state of health of the population, a lower rate of mortality and an improvement in the economic situation of the population.

Project leaders

Marie-Aimée Päivi SORO

Mrs. Marie-Aimée Päivi SORO, Swiss of origin from Ormonts-Dessous, grew up in the village of Croy, in the state of Vaud. After her secondary education at the Gymnase Auguste-Piccard in Lausanne, she began medical studies at the University of Lausanne. Read more

Navigué Pierre SORO

Secretary General
Mr Navigué Pierre Soro is passionate about business management, something he has done since his high school years, when he ran a family store in Côte d’Ivoire, his birth country, until he left to continue his university studies in the United States of America. Read more


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