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Applicability of copyright, conditions, and respect of privacy

The documents and information on the SAREPTA Suisse website and in its information bulletins are published for the benefit of the members of the association and other users.


Unless specify otherwise, SAREPTA Suisse has the copyrights on all its documents and information pre-cited.


Newsletters, Press release and documents convened published par SAREPTA Suisse on its website and in its information bulletins can be reproduced freely by mentioning the source, as follows: « Association SAREPTA Suisse ».

Other Publications

Other publications of SAREPTA Suisse are protected by copyrights. Some short sections can be reproduced without authorization as long as it is for nonprofit purposes, only if the person cites the source. If you would like to ask for photocopying authorization, translation or reproduction in any other way the SAREPTA Suisse documents and information, please contact the organization team leaders.


Unless otherwise indicated, the photographs and images published on the SAREPTA Suisse website and in its information bulletins can be protected by a special copyright and cannot be reproduced without the authorization of the organization’s team leaders.

Logo of SAREPTA Suisse

The usage of the SAREPTA Suisse logo is subject to restrictions and requires an authorization from the organization’s team leaders.

Links to other Web sites

The SAREPTA Suisse Website and its information bulletins can contain some links to other external sources recommended for the benefit of users. SAREPTA Suisse is NOT responsible for the content of external information or information provided by third parties.

Data Protection

SAREPTA Suisse keeps data related to its members and those who subscribed to its information bulletins. SAREPTA Suisse is committed to NOT communicate personal data to third parties and will exclusively use those data for purposes related to its work.

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