Covid-19: Kampagne für die Prävention

Slogan of the campaign

« We don’t want any coronavirus in our region! »

Messages for the population

The virus is transmitted by close contact with other individuals.  Therefore such contacts should be avoided as much as possible par the following measures:

  1. Avoid unnecessary travel:
    1. Stay at home as much as possible, children should stay at home or in their own courtyard and not go to public places (market)
    2. Cancel trips to other localities if possible
    3. Put off trips to other localities whenever possible
  2. Avoid close personal contacts:
    1. Don’t shake hands or embrace, even close friends or members of the same family. Greet each other at a distance remaining as much as possible, the two arms extended and incapable of touching each other’s fingers.
    2. Avoid close contact in shops or the market by insuring a lack of too many people at one place at a time; inside a store or around a vendor.
  3. Wear a barrier mask when in public places (market, shops, etc.).
  4. Wash the hands frequently during the day and with soap and water for 40 seconds.

Important! The store attendants are the key persons due to their frequent contacts with several people; they can be important vectors of infection.  They need therefore to be privileged persons to receive our message and apply it.


  1. Opening of the medical center of Tangafla where the nurse can administer primary health care and teach preventive measures.
  2. Education of village chiefs: The health promoter will visit each village chief in order to:
    1. Announce the opening of the health center
    2. Explain the messages of the campaign and the importance of prevention
    3. Distribute 10 barrier masks to each chief
    4. Distribute 1 eco-sanitaire faucet to each chief
    5. Distribute to the village chiefs the patterns for the barrier mask, destined for the seamstresses/tailors of each village
  3. Educate the shop-keepers as to their role in prevention of this infection:

Since they are in contact with many people, they risk contracting the virus and infecting others!!

  1. Making them aware of their role in the prevention by:
    1. Good hygiene of hands
    2. Avoidance of physical contact
  • Maintenance of social distance of security: avoid too many people at one time in the shop
  • Use of the barrier mask
  • Distribution without cost of the prevention flyers and the patterns of barrier masks to shop-keepers.
  1. Presence at the weekly market of Tangafla with a stand of prevention which:
    1. Explains the message of prevention to each person who approaches
    2. Demonstrates the technique of good hand-washing (utilization of the coronavirus song of radio-Sanai while washing to insure the 40 seconds of washing required)
    3. Distributes without cost patterns for the masks and prevention flyers
    4. Sells of barrier masks for the cost of fabrication
    5. Sells eco-sanitary faucets

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